What is Retro

In all the pursuit of the new industry, the clock sector is an exception, the evolution of the table can be very slow, slow to ten years or fifty years to calculate, this slow to now, is a classic continuation. Faithful to the original form, in order to prove the settling time, wearing the traditional watchmaking feel the unique charm on the wrist to. A replica watches uk engraved wave process has a story behind Vacheron Constantin 1972 "Past" is a hard truth for hundreds of years the same watch industry. How to select the duplicate table? Worried that once the design now wear out will be a little out of date? Worry about going back to the factory for several decades the rate will be very high? Engraved today, not for you to buy a Laobiao (which belongs to the auction or the secondary market range, but will have) a success or watch on innovation and transformation into a story, today you can still wear out classical and fashionable coexistence watch, after all only a hundred years of watchmaking the brand is eligible for engraved classic. The pointer is not a brand would be exactly the same "look at each table has its own indelible mark, see the table octagonal ring will think of the Royal Oak, see the flip dial that was born in 1931 in Reverso, see the case parallelogram will want to Vacheron Constantin 1972, see table eight. Screw ring on the know is a history of a hundred years of Cartire Santos, the capital and the premise of engraved is the design you have a classic enough, time can not erase the elements, qualified to continue down From the pointer to the dial embossed to case shape or design table of the ear, each brand is not the same. The design was inspired by a few decades ago, but so far, history is compressed and heritage, we have seen to be called classic elements: Today Breguet Breguet original needle, Cartire love Rome digital standard, Mulan barrel shaped watchcase, glashutte original Geneva fringe etc. all of these, "today is still active in the dial, can be the continuation of the classic, is a prerequisite for retro. Some people say that complicated watches in one hundred years ago has been developed almost, complex function words until now you really understand several for having heard it many times,? For example, ask three tables, not only the blind can be used, at that time the general people are often used, so watch period has asked three function pocket rolex replica is the main theme of Tourbillon; the most important thing is to ask the light, three is the most important voice clear cut hit spring to slow the calendar display to be clear enough the evolution, natural environment and living conditions of hundreds of years ago, based on the function, now seems so far away. But the tabulation process hundreds of roulette, gear, cam and lever union operation can perform, now seems to have become a kind of feelings of gentleman, the demand for complex functions and half a century ago is completely different, now when the appreciation and play beyond the practical level, it is a piece of art rather than the real goods, the past will become a practical manual today. As a gallop in the extreme environment under the military watch, clear reading, reliability is an important feature of the military. Longines classic series engraved 1938 military watches have three styles: three, 24 hours and a pointer to a stopwatch. The only difference protection table design produced in 1930s, this copy of Super-LumiNova coated with the luminous materials and digital time to ensure the pointer to the wearer in weak light environment can easily read, the classic onion crown round stainless steel case with perfect fusion, follow the ancient and modern design will not forget is the copy of the ideal interpretation. Guerra Souty's original 70s calendar chronograph, inspired by the 70s, three dials were used, ruthenium plated with silver or blue, show a low-key and elegant elegance. Blue sun appears like decoration, elegant colors gradually spread from the center to the periphery. Ruthenium plated and silver plated dial is the sun light and sub surface decoration, stainless steel material, a vintage 70s series Seventies unique appearance and flavor. Tudor Heritage Ranger, is now the past to create mixed model, its design inspiration from the end of the 60s launch of the classic, but this is not completely "copy" old watches, but joined the evolution of a new future, but if you read the old version of the 1016 Explorer digital dial, you know where this classic the black arch on the dial Tudor Rose logo, fully engraved 1950s Tudor table features, pear shaped pointer "unique selling" the blueprint of it. Rolex oyster perpetual watch Greenwich II, the best interpretation of this table in the red and blue color of the Cerachrom ring, the design and the first Greenwich type and Greenwich type II watch the traditional double color ring echoes. The high degree of difficulty of the word circle is the brand in 1955 on the development of the technology. replica watches Cerachrom word circle came out in 2005, with a strong anti scratch, anti corrosion performance, even by UV irradiation does not fade. It can be said that this is a just come out (1955) on the classic table models.