Diving table to see the Rolex sea to make type 4000 how to conquer the deep sea

In 1988, the French company Comex (Compagnie Maritime D diving 'Expertises) Hydra VIII, to a depth of 534 meters to refresh the world open water diving record, in divers during the mission were wearing the Rolex oyster perpetual sea watch. A legend begins. Diving table to see the replica watches uk sea to make type 4000 how to conquer the deep sea The sea made available in 1967 water depth of 610 meters (2000 feet) Key to the deep sea, the original section of the exhaust valve The sea made available in 1967, water depth of 610 meters (2000 feet), and in 1978 increased to 1220 meters (4000 feet), designed for submarine crews and hydrosphere Explorer etc. diving pioneer, the shuttle in covering nearly 70% of the earth's surface waters. The sea makes the type and divers also have to adapt to the mixed gas, the gas for the high pressure environment, the helium or hydrogen, such as the composition of light gases for breathing. In order to secure the release of gas and avoid the lossless decompression sickness can be fatal, in the surface, divers must long time decompression, while the watch must also undergo the same process. In view of this, Rolex in 1967 to join the sea to make the type of patent research and development of an important device - the exhaust valve. The design of safety valve mounted in the case of ingenious, play an important role in the growing popularity of diving activities, and Comex is the leading brand in this category. Comex's late founder and President Henry Gillman Delaozi (Henri Germain Delauze) is a pioneer in deep-sea diving, he talked about the love watch: "for hydrogen diver, Rolex watch is indispensable." He explained: "diving, time is the key. Whether it is the basic operation, change the composition of the gas mixture, the calculation of the time to stay or to dive in and out of the diving bell, a second can not go wrong. Therefore, its precise and strong and reliable watch is essential." In 1953, when the development of scuba diving is still in its early stages,rolex replica has been created prototype diving watch: Oyster Perpetual Submariner-type, water depth of 100 meters. By 1954, the submarine-type waterproof performance doubled to 200 meters, diving depth of 60 meters or less and use of air breathing divers, to provide adequate safety dive range. With its excellent reliability, this watch will soon be the professional divers of all ages. Divers and Rolex work closely together to continue to help improve watch performance. In 1962, a diver in California to refresh the deep dive record of 313 meters. Obviously, divers need a new generation of watches, to resist the pressure of 200 meters deep. In fact, Rolex was in 1960, an experimental watch on the deep sea submarine Trieste (Trieste), the final successful dive to about 11,000 meters deep in the ocean, citing the replica watches technology Enough to enhance the performance of submarine-type. In 1966, Comex for the first time completed 160 meters deep industrial diving. The French company has developed a saturated dive technology that is comparable to the underwater house program, which places the hyperbaric chamber onboard to perform maritime missions around the world. Saturated divers into the pressurized diving bell, it will dive to the depth of work. After completion of the diving, they will return to the warm and dry pressurized chamber on the support boat in the same way. The final decompression will only be done at the end of the task. Comex, the industry leader in deep-sea diving, plans to escort divers in less than 300 meters deep within a decade. Rolex has decided to the next diving watch the water depth to 2,000 feet (610 meters). To make the watch dive to a deeper position, in addition to enhance the performance of resistance to external water pressure, the saturated divers also found an unexpected condition is to strengthen the watch to withstand the internal pressure of excess capacity. Diving watch the most to see how the Rolex 4000 to conquer the deep sea Watch must also be effective discharge of excess helium in the case Rolex patented row of helium valves In the overpressure peristaltic breathing gas mixture is composed mostly of helium, while the watch and the diver's body reaction is actually very similar. The inside of the case is filled with helium, because the pressure is the same as in the room. Because helium is very light, and highly volatile, coupled with its molecular volume is the world's smallest, so helium will gradually infiltrated into the watch from the apron. In the decompression stage, helium in human tissue release faster than waterproof watch, the result of pressure in the case of internal accumulation. Diver observed that during the decompression of the mirror due to internal pressure, and like a champagne stopper-like pop-up from the bottle. In view of this, the watch must also be effective to drain the extra helium case. Diving watch the most to see how the Rolex 4000 to conquer the deep sea An almost impossible task is to assemble a one-way valve on the side of the case In fact, Rolex is not designed to make anti-helium watch, but to complete an almost impossible task is to assemble one-way valve in the case side. When the case exceeds a certain level of internal pressure, the device will automatically start, both the gas released from the case, without affecting the watch's water resistance. The design was designed specifically for the then-new Rolex professional diving watch Oyster Perpetual Sea type and was patented in 1967, the helium valve for deep-sea saturated divers to rise to the surface of the action is particularly important. Comex will soon be the sea as a designated type of watch, and divers continue to break through the limits of human deep-sea diving. First in 1988, a record of 534 meters deep sea, and then in 1992 in the hyperbaric chamber to create a 701 m test depth, decompression period up to 24 days, and this record has not yet been broken.