WATCH PK Apple traditional Swiss watch shows no pressure

Apple WATCH on the market caused a controversy, the Swiss watchmaker said there is no pressure, bezel peers denounced plagiarism Apple watches brand, fashion is a topic to eager for a fight "apple" pulled. In fact, the traditional tabulation function continued for several hundred years, is also "copy" to the smart watch on. You have a suit, but also wear T-shirt, the first few hundred years of precipitation is not new to replace the. Swiss traditional watchmaking is probably your suit, workmanship, workmanship, brand culture, you put out that class division. Apple replica watches uk is your "T-shirt" from the root, it is different from the traditional Swiss watchmaking, it is more accurate (time error is maintained within 50 microseconds), has more practical function (from fitness to travel), you are iPhone's "brother" (some of the features to achieve synchronous data transmission), and strive to achieve all you need 24 hours for you, although T-shirt is comfortable, is also very difficult to have the change dynasties, but the value of the collection. The traditional watchmaking gallop arena for hundreds of years, is behind the seat and Apple Jiangshan; WATCH is a new martial art, there is also behind the hill, Jiangshan PK Jinshan, you say who is more chance? Traditional watch pure by hand to Apple WATCH PK to rely on high-tech to achieve all the features, this process and the spirit is not more worthy of praise? The former is selling feelings, is man-made, the latter is selling the traditional code of conduct, science and technology, is intelligent, is the high force grid, which is based on the point of view of human nature? Don't forget: Science and technology, and ultimately people-oriented. Apple WATCH: This is a very easy but you ignore the details, a spreadsheet (if you like) the distribution level design of the hour, minute and second hand so fine, don't forget that it is not really being on the go, the naked eye looks (at least from the picture), it is three the needle of a sense of hierarchy, looks very solid, which makes it meet the "table" of the title. PK first round: "dial" designed to restore the true sense of the sense of hierarchy? Breguet blue steel pointer has a history of one hundred years Traditional watch: from the point of view of the design of the pointer, each brand is not the same. The design inspiration comes from hundreds of rolex replica years ago, but so far, history is compressed and heritage, we have seen to be called classic elements: Today Breguet Breguet original needle, concise rod needle, let the dial scale more discerning leaf needle, make more accurate timing three needle line "these are still the pointer design," in today's active "on the dial, every inch of it have it the meaning of existence. The new Apple WATCH:Apple WATCH interactive mode provides a different from iPhone, the edge button for you to achieve all control, Home key to return to the main page, map zoom, scroll message, change the page font color. PK second round: edge button to achieve everything? Panerai Luminor 1950 through single click to start, stop and return to zero the operation can be carried out PK second round: edge button to achieve everything? The crown is the same protection bridge design in the case when the left hand left right-hand convenient operation The traditional tabulation: traditional tabulation of the "edge" button can be realized: first, timing, pause time function. But the traditional tabulation is in the crown and ear part under the foot work, take Panerai Luminor 1950 examples: the crown is the same protection bridge design in the case on the left, right hand left hand operation convenient when worn by single according to start and stop and zero operation can be carried out, so as to measure time. All the manual create function by hand to achieve the position change of small to core restructuring, compared to smart watch button, which one is more human? Apple WATCH: a Apple sensor set is the most proud of. The motion sensor and heart rate sensors to detect motion tracking, positioning your heartbeat, GPS distance, calorie consumption records, comprehensive display of your fitness and health (more than wearing a string of jade beads can bless your health). Display by the icon, the sports circle shows the number of calories consumed, the number of exercises to show the number of rings, standing ring shows up the frequency, each ring is "complete", you are sports fans = adhd. PK third round: full range health and motion tracking device Tissot Teng Chi series solar models The traditional tabulation: traditional watchmaking also have this function to give up exercise, have realized the movement timing of this nature Tissot brand watches. If not, the traditional "tab Chronograph" is used in horse racing and racing, can only say that the movement of nobles are very different. WATCH Apple: use it to listen to music, sound effect is also good; it can always position your position, for your navigation, wear it to drive to rolex replica recognize the road is not more convenient? And it can achieve payment mode, but also on the wrist Check your ticket, and even open the door of your hotel room (the signing of the hotel). PK fourth round: can also open the door to the hotel? Dial of the value of the Tuo flywheel and price reflects Traditional tabs: although not for you to achieve so much functionality, but it can be "decided" to allow the hotel to open the door for you, because the class in the wrist. Apple WATCH: "Digital Touch", "wrist and wrist" with the same exchange of wearer, said the simple point is to find in the watch near the "good table" function, the sister of another force. PK Round 5: Friends around the latest interactive mode? The table is a symbol Traditional tabulation: the traditional tabulation of the "table" style, the first choice allows you to bind with your lover; wearing a luxury brand, so that women around, without radar search can automatically close, you can achieve this Features. In a very long period of time, the wedding, we will see a pair of couples exchange rings, each sent to the table, as to send each intelligent watch? Hanging. Apple WATCH: surface way custom, just like mobile phone interface, do not put the watch big LOGO background map on the line. According to the sliding screen for global positioning, the Moon's full profit and loss in the display is clearly displayed, to know the "moon phase" feature in the traditional watchmaking industry is one of the areas of super-complex functions. Traditional tabulation: Why replace the surface? Each surface fine lines and sculptures are not the same, like the acme of perfection, please see the enamel table and other artistic categories of products. Cartier floral mosaic parrot decorated watch, handmade craft, will eternal flowers bloom on the dial, see the dial plate, which makes you more emotion? Apple WATCH: Apple Watch strap is different from the traditional tab, it chose to use automatic inhalation strap on your wrist, and can freely adjust the length, that is a watch, you and your boyfriend are Can wear. PK seventh round: strap automatic locking adjustable length? Rolex Glidelock buckle is not only rugged precision and comfortable to wear Traditional tabulation: a superb clasp design, so you fly out, the watch is also firmly worn on the wrist. In this regard, go to try all Rolex watches, Rolex Glidelock buckle not only solid and accurate, and comfortable to wear, you can also adjust the size, all hand-built to complete. More sturdy. But if you want his girlfriend to wear table? Please go to the counter, replace the chain scale. In fact, the smart watch with the function to have the traditional tabulation of PK, is a very unfair thing, the former rely on high-tech to achieve all, which is purely by hand to achieve, and never stopped for hundreds of years explore. But, in this era, it uses it to show you all the attributes of the watch should have the function, you think, used, all watchmakers will spare no effort to build with both hands, Apple WATCH most of the features , Another way have long been there in the traditional watchmaker, you say it is how qualified enough to constitute the impact of traditional watchmaking? Price determines the value? Apple WATCH "challenge the traditional tabulation of the highlights Personally think that the Apple conference, Apple WATCH "challenge the traditional tabulation of the highlights (and laughs) a lot. Such as traditional watchmaking display in the store display, like the dial modulation 10:10, so the pointer on the distribution of "V" shaped display, meaning "victory Victory". But in the Apple conference, the dial display of a scene, with high hands of Mickey completed the "V" of the implication. pointer? Mickey? customize? The traditional victory in the eyes of the latter seems to have been given a new meaning, no matter who wins and who will ultimately be the buyer's final say.